Do you adopt Creativity to advance your Business? 5 Easy Steps to set up an Innovation Machine

Lyrica tablets buy online Everyone says they want innovation in their organization. This is because every business wants to grow and advance. This requires being creative and implementing positive change. When I ask people in businesses and organisations if they had set aside time in the past week — on their calendar — dedicated to generating ideas, the response is most [...]

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4 Simple Investment Strategies while Funding is Scarce

how to buy cytotec in cebu We are living through one of the most financially uncertain periods in our generation. Not only do our projects and programmes need to align with a business strategy, but we are often told to “do more with less” just to deliver on our current programme.  But when funding becomes available we find ourselves scrambling to [...]

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6 Common Productivity Restraints and How to Overcome them

accutane rezeptfrei With so much economic uncertainty organisations must continue to produce the work on budget and on time.  It is also prudent to advance project development in anticipation for a cash splash late in the financial year to deliver a project with money that has suddenly become available. Being more efficient with our time is a [...]

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3 Steps for Assessing Your Risk Appetite

All projects at the outset carry a great level of uncertainty and risk.  In dealing with this there are two questions you need to ask yourself: firstly, what level of risk are you comfortable with? And secondly, how you can manage that risk and uncertainty to a level which is acceptable? Good project management skills [...]

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3 Ways to Accelerate Team Performance

When starting up a project, quite often project leaders pull together new teams with new players.  Even departments in the organisation that contribute to the project, have new players.  In other words, new teams must start from scratch.  Before a project has already started, it is hindered by the lack of prior knowledge. How do [...]

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