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Do you adopt Creativity to advance your Business? 5 Easy Steps to set up an Innovation Machine

Everyone says they want innovation in their organization. This is because every business wants to grow and advance. This requires being creative and implementing positive change.

When I ask people in businesses and organisations if they had set aside time in the past week — on their calendar — dedicated to generating ideas, the response is most often in the negative.

Why is there this discrepancy between what we know to be important and what most of us practice?  We don’t think of creativity as something that can be fostered purposefully that results in tangible benefits.

There are practices that can give structure to the creative process and ensure that it happens with purpose and intent, even when things get chaotic. To establish this creative rhythm, look at the following five areas.

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buy Lyrica in mexico 1.                  Give them the Space to Emerge

Ok, so you have plenty of ideas being discussed at meetings and in corridors, but how many of them are given the attention they deserve. So many ideas are too easily and too quickly hijacked in favour of short term productivity and dismissed out of ever seeing their potential or their value.

How many people do you have working in your business? Now be honest – how much time, freedom and encouragement are they allowed, to purposefully speak up and offer creative ideas. What avenues do you provide your staff to make it easy for them to share ideas and insights?

The problem with ideas is that without proper consideration and implementation, they are just ideas. 

hydroxychloroquine buy online 2.                  Give them Something to Focus on

What are the key issues in your business now? Put aside a few minutes for yourself and imagine what the best scenario would be with those problems and issues fully taken care of, as though anything was possible. Now make these your next innovation targets.

Great ideas can arise on random subjects and issues; and these can turn out to be effective breakthroughs. But to gain maximum return on energy and effort – focus your people on a specific issue or problem. Understand through divergent and/or critical thinking what is the root cause or issue. Help your people understand the problem or opportunity and what success looks like to your company.

Ideas that target the root cause or issue and supports the business strategy will more likely be adopted.

3.                  Give them Interactive Platforms and Forums

What are you doing to find out what gives your customers the advantage or benefits that they need to make them successful? Isn’t it worth investing time and effort so that you can customise a solution and take that solution to them?

By working with your customers, peers and partners and aligning idea creation with their strategic vision, then relevant solution proposals will flow, the potential for shared benefits increases and are achieved with greater certainty (less risk), in less time and with less effort.

Create platforms or forums to capture ideas and discussion for your people. Invite peer to peer exchange of ideas across your team, your business, regions, states, nations or globally. Create a conversation and ideas exchange forum.

By Crowd Sourcing ideas you are bound to find a gem.

4.                  Give the Good Ones Legs

Appoint a Champion who understands the business strategy, resource, budget demands and has an entrepreneurial attitude. This Champion is approachable and assists people with how they think about the issue, with relevance and about the outcomes their ideas may have.  Give your people the confidence to think about the best of what’s possible, not the best of what’s common.

Ideas must be coordinated and tracked. Each given consideration around business strategy, resource and budget required to decide if to progress the idea further. Ideas with good to high potential are given priorities over other ideas.

The focussed high potential ideas are then assigned a leader to demonstrate its business case (sometimes supported by a prototype) – to promote the opportunity, value and benefits to Corp Exec or Clients for investment.

The appropriate planning and implementation development is supported with funding, resources and a time. The idea morphs into a project to be integrated with other activities in the business and aligned with strategy.

After implementation, the innovation is measured periodically against a pre-determined set of objectives and metrics.

5.                  Give them Acknowledgement and Recognition

For your staff and customers to see that you grow their ideas into prototypes that eventuate into achieving new business and customer benefits will create a self-perpetuating culture of innovation creation that will ignite your business.

Using inclusive and collaborative innovation techniques is a leading contender for giving your business the competitive and leading edge.

If you could harness ideas and turn them into positive change – even incrementally, while staying aligned with your business strategy, then why wouldn’t you?

How you source ideas and generate integration into your business will unlock value in more than just the triple bottom line. Your team culture will mature, staff will be more engaged and willing to go that extra mile. Your network will expand, and more opportunities will open up. 

Getting to the outcome will produce far more wins than just the outcome itself.

To find out more about getting best from your teams, innovation creation and incremental improvement contact Jonathan by email at joinedup101@gmail.com

Please feel free to share this article with others whom you feel may find it of value. 

To find out more about Jonathan and Joined Up Management visit Jonathan Haylock at LinkedIn and www.joinedupmanagement.com.au

Tell me your ideas, thoughts and experiences in the comments section below. Your feedback stimulates me to be challenged and to share more insights.

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I am an experienced collaborative leader with strong experience in Australia and the UK. My expertise lies in the areas of developing and managing diverse multi-disciplinary teams and accelerating programmes while enhancing key stakeholder relationships. I am passionate about generating great ideas that enhance life quality and implementing rewarding outcomes with shared benefits and successes to clients, project teams and key stakeholders. I have 20 years of wide professional experience managing complex civil and building projects for private and government clients in transport, water, environment, health, housing, recreation, culture and commercial. I am experienced working in Design and Manage contracts, operational, asset, programme, project and contract management roles including developing and embedding a PM framework into a State government regional office. A demonstrated leader who quickly develops relationships at all levels to create credible and effective change.

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